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The best british actor who ever lived. Known for his part in the Harry Potter movies as Professor Severus Snape. Has been acting for over 50 years. Has the most romantic voice. And is the sexiest 60 year old on the planet!!!!!!!!
Alan Rickman looks good in a long, black, greasy wig.
by SDMALO September 03, 2006
the hottest and best actor in the world, despite his age! probably most notable for his work as Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series (the best damn book series in the world!)
Alan Rickman is quite often portrayed as a villain in his movies, though he does very good work as a comedic actor as well.
Most famous for his sex god voice. Alan Rickman has icons such as the fabulous Severus Snape in the Harry Potter saga. If walking with a girl whilst she sees him, beware, she will most likely scream and drool.
"My gf dumped me the other day"
"What Happened?"
"She saw Alan Rickman and said i didn't have a sexy enough voice for her"
by snapesangel26 February 07, 2009
Alan Rickman is a distinguished British actor from Hammersmith, London. He is probably most famous for being god.
A normal person: Praise God!
Rickmaniac: In the name of Alan Rickman, you worship him too.
by lollipopdecay January 18, 2009