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This ridiculous high school in Palos Heights, Illinois. If you send your child there, expect them to either a) drop out b) become pregnant or get a STD or c) become a gang banger.
Seriously, this school is so dumb the administration has no control over their students and most of the students are trash. The rich kids all think they're hot stuff but infact they're as trashy as the gang bangers who run around beating people up and selling drugs. The white kids all try to blend in by drinking and smoking pot, and theyre the ugliest pieces of shit in the world. This school is going down the drains fast. I wouldn't be surprised if half of the kids end up in jail by the time they graduate.
Tim: "Oh my god. Those two girls almost murdered each other!!!!!"
Jenni: "What did you expect? They go to Alan B. Shepard High School. They act like animals there."
by AntiWhiteTrash5225 December 02, 2010
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