Just about the best person you'll ever meet! It's hard to not fall in love with Alaina; she's smart, sexy, funny, and beautiful. You could talk to her for as long as you want and never get bored. She's a 10/10.
"Yo did you see Alaina yesterday?"

"Yeah man her ass was looking fine"

"Fuck yeah man"
by Mauro The Sex God December 30, 2013
Oh my god she's hot af, smells good and is great in bed. Everyone wants to be her or be with her. Alaina is a blonde with the best rack and she's funny as hell. She makes a good friend and the perfect girlfriend.
Guy 1: Have you met Alaina?

Guy 2: Who hasn't, she's gorgeous.

Guy 1: For sure
by hsw627 November 07, 2013
A wonderful person that does not need Urban Dictionary to tell her she's a great person with great hair.
Alaina may come off as a less talkative person, but she is full of great ideas!
by elfqueen February 24, 2015

5'4", Red Hair, Fine Azz.

and dats all you needta know homeboi.

1.) I wish my azz wus as fine as Alainazzzzzz. Heyyyyyy!
by Alainas Admirer September 01, 2008
Alaina Marie, Eminem, Marshall, Kim, Dawn, Hailie
Alaina Mathers is born as Alaina Marie Scott on May 3, 1993. She have a twinbrother Adam, poor Adam is handicapped, a younger sister Amy and a brother P.J. Marshall aka Eminem got full custody of her and so she lives with him, Hailie & Whitney. Her mother Dawn is the twinsister of Kim. Marshalls ex-wife. He adopted her on May 5, 2002. But it wasnt public yet. untill the cd Encore, in the track Mockingbird hes naming her. Alaina is like a big sister for Hailie.
by madgirl July 24, 2006
A jerk who thinks she is above all else. Short, Red Hair, steals boys from best friend. Super annoying laugh, and squeals like a dying pig. Cute but no one likes her.
Guy to Tall Burnett: "Hey, isnt your best friend such an Alaina?"
by blargggageradschkj February 04, 2010
One ugly motherfucker.
Alaina is one ugly motherfucker. The woman who got her face ripped off by a chimp looks better than her ugly ass.
by thaMask April 16, 2010

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