At least when 'The Dictator' let us down, it gave us a catchy new phrase. It is used to take the place of contrasting words simultaneously, such as awesome and lame. Facial expressions and kinesics are very helpful to the one trying to decipher the use of the word.
Tommy: How was that chick's dome?

James: Dude, it was so Aladeen.

Tommy: Was it Aladeen...or Aladeen?

James: Soo Aladeen with a slow nod of approval

Tommy: Yeeaaa-uuuuuhhhhh
by JimJimsterJimmy May 25, 2012
Top Definition
Aladeen has many meanings, such as positive and negative, which causes a lot of confusion.
Do you want the aladeen news or the aladeen news?
the aladeen news...?
you are hiv-aladeen
by aladeen June 04, 2012
The supreme leader of the Republic of Wadiya.
Supreme Leader Admiral General Aladeen of the Republic of Wadiya.
by MrFucksBitches June 21, 2012
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