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When a man ejaculates into his partners mouth. The partner then shoves a straw into the mans penis and proceeds to blow the ejaculate back into his penis.
Of course I brought an extra pair of underwear, I received an Alabama blow dart earlier.
#nitty gritty rusty fucker #blow job #boston pancake #alabama hot pocket #snowball
by Taintscratcher80 February 04, 2015
Alabama Slurpee Chugging is while have anal sex with your partner, you take a slurpee and pour it in their ass, you then proceed to fuck her in the ass, then take a slurpee straw, put it in her ass and slurp it up. You then swish it around your mouth and blow the ass-slurpee into her nose with the straw and watch as she struggles to swallow it as you punch her in the stomach so it comes back out her other nostril.
Friend: What did you do last night?

You: I gave my Great Grandmother a wicked Alabama Blowdart at the bingo game last night.

Friend: Dang that sounds like fun, do you have any other Great Grandmothers alive that I could give an Alabama Blowdart?

You: Yea dude, I have 3 of them.
#alabama #slurpee #blowdart #straw #brainfreeze
by 7-Eleven Blowdarter June 24, 2011
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