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People who want to bomb us back into the stone age...
Bin Laden
by jumpers December 10, 2003
Dodgy terrorists with beards.
Filth that want to oppress the world back into cave dwelling pre-historic neandothols.

Scum which usually come from Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Iran and Palestine
by Hunter November 19, 2003
A terrorist group
People with big beards who bomb freedom and peace loving countries.

by Wendall November 17, 2003
Sum assholes who killed many americans and are gonna get f'ed up
The Mother of them all Osama Bin Laden
by Big Bad Mike May 04, 2005
Actually a group of terrorists that didn't exist until the US government believed it so hard that it happened! Before that a loose coalition of terrorists existed. Now dedicated to overthrow Western "rule", even by bombing innocents in foreign cities.
Connected to the Taliban.
Al Qa'ida is believed to be behind a recent surge in car bombings.
by Anon52 May 11, 2006
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