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Pretty good, intelligent rapper. He doesn't get nearly as much face-time as he shoud because he is in Immortal Techinique's shadow
Person 1: I thought you had one of Akir's songs. Where is it?

Person 2: Yeah, its One (remix) but it's titled Immortal technique.
by silentspeed October 20, 2008
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Always Keep It Real the acronym for famed emcee AKIR. AKIR has been featured in: Source, Vibe, XXL, Washington Post, etc.. His new album Legacy is in joint collaboration with: One Enterprises and Viper Records. The project features: Heatmakerz, Abiodun (Last Poets), Da Fire Dept., Turntable Annihilist, Jean Grae, Southpaw, and many more. It is also executive produced by Immortal Technique.
by One Enterprises, Ltd October 24, 2006
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