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A mallu slang used to define a person who has vigorous addictive disorder for alcohol. They are characterized by compulsive and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol despite its negative effects on the their health, relationships, and social standing.
Their behavioral pattern is somewhat contrasting from most alcoholics and thats what make an 'Ajeesh' peculiar. While most alcoholics prefer a quick warm period of sleep/unconsciousness once they reach home drunken like hell, 'Ajeesh'es act rather weird. They will try hard to remain fit as a fiddle only to post imbecilic threads in social networking sites (and attracts a lots of abuses from his sober online friends) which they themselves will delete at morning once they are sober.
Recent survey conducted on them revealed that 3 out of 5 Ajeesh'es are victims of dementia (mental disorder) too.
They may even claim that they have a wife and children at home while they never had any (and probably never will, as they are mostly gays and would like to remain the same)
Their other distinguishing demeanors include - compulsive addiction to cricket and football (esp fans of Argentinia), ardent reverence to UDF and distinctive loyalty to their home district (esp Calicut and nearby areas).
A barking Ajeesh never bite !!
by Well Wisher123 March 26, 2011
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