Controls nuclear weapons for the United States. Most unappreciated branch of the military. This is largely due to ignorance. Our planes are usually the first into a wartime environment to clear the way for soldiers and marines.

Many "soldiers" who look down upon the Air Force do not realize that there are many fighting members of the Air Force that are not Officers. While most of the enlisted force has noncombat duties, there are many career fields that place enlisted men in the field.

Combat Control and TAC-P are Special Forces that enter combat zones to fight alongside marines and soldiers and call in air strikes. PJs (Pararescue Jumpers) are the tip of our Special Forces, they jump into extreme combat situations to rescue Marines, SEALs, and Rangers. They have received some of the highest awards in the service, such as the Medal of Honor.

Even Security Forces (MPs for the Air Force) now have extended training on convoys and urban warfare since the war on terrorism started. Security Forces now performs convoys in Iraq and Afganistan, and conducts sweeps throughout Iraqi cities near Air Bases. The 820th Combat Security Forces Squadron were some of the first servicemen to jump into Iraq along side of the 82nd Airborne. Select Security Forces personnel also attend Phoenix Raven (advanced hand to hand combat) Training, as well as Army Ranger school

While most of the Air Force are slackers, there are a select few that are true soldiers. You will see them wearing berets and flight suits.
Air Force Berets are earned not issued, unlike the Army..
by Security Forces Hooah June 07, 2005
1. The branch of the service the Army, Navy and Marines wished they would've joined, after failing to read the fine print on their paperwork or failing to ask others which branch of the service is the best to go into.

2. The one branch of the military that has the best retention rates because they spend more on their troops, then ask for more for ammo and weapons, whereas the Army and the Marines is more about spending more on ammo and weapons and could give two shits less about their troops.

3. The "aerospace" branch that goes in and bombs the hell out of the area where the enemy is at, before the Marines go in and finish the rest, now that their job is easier.

4. The Army and the Marines rely on the Air Force to take them to combat zones.

5. The only branch with too many people in that the Air Force is paying for officers for early seperation and is offering enlisted an open door policy to early seperation....and because the Army is hurting for recruits, they've also offered a "blue to green" program where you can go directly from being Air Force to Army.
"I wished I would've joined the Air Force....they actually treat their troops with respect. The morale is higher than other branches of the service.....and their retention rates are the best too. No wonder it's so hard to keep troops in the other branches of the service."
by Tha_Dawg October 19, 2006
The most powerful and respectable service in the DoD. Often under-appreciated. Someone starts a war and the Air Force are in there before anyone else even knows what's going on. Most powerful because they can drop nukes. You won't see any Marine taking out an entire city in a few seconds. Higher fitness standards than the Navy and Army (have you seen their Basic Training recently?!) and equal to Marines. The Air Force spends more on it's airmen and women each year than any other service, boosting morale and making it more respectable. Each airman and woman is trained to the highest standard, so that they are able to operate and maintain the world's most expensive aircraft and some of the USA's most expensive equipment. The Air Force takes a casual approach to things, and still manages to get the job done better than any sailor, soldier, or Marine. Any pilot in the USAF could fly from the US to Iraq in the morning and make it back before you'd even know they were gone. Contrary to popular opinion among the rest of the services, the Air Force is not a bunch of lazy faggots who sit behind desks pushing pencils. Anytime you're in deep shit, call in the Air Force and have them drop a thousand pounder before you even have time to load your pussy assault rifle. Anyone who thinks the Air Force isn't tough is obviously an asshole because they don't know how hard each airman and woman works. They're fucking awesome. Plus they got the hottest chicks in the services ;)

*loud screeching sound, followed by a huge explosion and a glimpse of an F-16*

Face it, the air force is frickin' awesome.
by USAF_falcon January 08, 2011
Interestingly enough your average airmen can out shoot any other military person. Has the highest number of ground combat kills and the lowest number of ground combat deaths in the 3 most recent wars. Was smart enough to bring A/C to a place where everyone was told it would be hot. Does their job so well that they have time to sit around the break room and watch TV because nothing is broken and all the available flight crews have already taken jets and taken off to save the sorry ass marines and army. Unlike the army our uniforms look like a uniform and an airmen is capable of manipulating a button, no zippers required. Next time your crying about how easy the air force has it you should stop to realize you knew that before you joined (insert other branch here) and started yourself on the road of bad decisions.
"Look at those dumb Air Force guys over there in their air conditioned tents.. they think they are so smart..... man I wish I had air conditioning.. I'm such a dumbass." -any "soldier" in any other branch.
by whatitdew November 17, 2008
A civilian branch of the military that specializes in coffee making, sitting in chairs, and finding excuses to get out of PT. (also known as the Chair Force)
Soldier A:"Man, PT was so hard"
Soldier B: "I know, right.. if only we joined the Air Force"
by Cadet17 September 05, 2013
The Most Kick Ass part of the millitrary.
I wanna join the Air Force.
by Air Force September 22, 2008
One of the 5 branches of the U.S. Military. Consists of some of the bravest people on this planet, including my brother-in-law. He attended R.O.T.C. training at UCF a few years ago, then married my sister, (they make a great pair) and they left for Randolf AFB in Texas for a year. Now they're stationed in Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, Louisiana. He's a navigator in a B-52 bomber, and getting deployed to Guam next year. An extremely brave guy, and a great brother! So just remember that everyone in any branch of the Military is willing to die for their country to keep all of us selfish assholes safe!
The Air Force was established in 1947, shortly after WWII. OH YEAH, and my dad flew the F-4 Phantom in his carrer, thankfully he never had to go into combat. GO USA!
by A7X forever July 10, 2010
The most intelligent branch of the U.S. military. Also the most sophisticated, and doesn't say "fuck" quite as frequently as the marines or army.
Lots of people think the Air Force is a group of pussies who can't fight on land, but they have no idea about what they do.
by superlegend03 December 26, 2011
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