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A person who is a member of the Air Training Corps. Generally hasn't got much spare time, can find a McDonald's in seconds no matter where they are. Strange obsession for shiny things e.g. Stripes. They are commonly referred to as 'Spaceys' by the RAF. They hate all that is Army and Navy, or they should.
Hey, that weirdo stroking those shiny stripes is an Air Cadet!
by McBabe May 20, 2009
64 17
A member of the Air Training Corps.
''He's an Air Cadet from 498 Sqn.''
by CW94 August 05, 2009
27 6
A phrase used to describe someone who chats air
Similar to Wasteman
"It's kind of unfair to get, a big lecture from an air cadet" - JME
by DaveG217 June 14, 2007
6 33