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The most gorgeous and beautiful bum of all bums that exist. Tends to be a lovely round shape. Quite big, but not TOO big.
Whenever an Aimee's bum walks past every single guy stares at it and drools.
Dude1: HOLY SH*T!
Dude2: WHAT?!
Dude3: OH MY GOD
Dude1: Now THAT is one hell've a hot bum.
Dude3: Hell to the yeah!
Dude1: (laughs)
Dude2: That girl has a seriously fit bum!
Dude1: I know!
All 3 dudes: She has an Aimee's Bum. *dribble drips down their chins*
by iLOVEbums March 11, 2009
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