the most beautiful girl in the world, no one compares to her and no one ever will, her beauty is unmatchable. She is a goddess in human form, she is perfection and she has the best smile in the world, the kind've smile you could look at and fall right back in love with her all over again. Her eyes are dark blue, you could stare into them for a long time getting lost and lost like a ship at see.. no one will ever compare to Aimee, she is beautiful, amazing, perfect, cute, gorgeous and any man that has her is the luckiest man in the world.
Guy 1: Wow, she is beautiful...
Guy 2: Damn is she your girl?

Guy 1: Yeah, i'm the luckiest guy in the world!
Guy 2: Damn right you are! don't treat her bad!

Guy 1: she's a angel, I wouldnt dare, She's my beautiful Aimee.
by ydluog April 29, 2011
One of the most amazing girls you could ever meet , she;s beautiful and nice but tons of fun and very sweet to everyone she meets. She still has a very crazy side that comes out at night though, so be careful (; Gets a lot of attention from the guys but usually prefers to stay single unless someone amazing comes along . But first of all , nothing is more important to her than her friends and family . If you mess with them , you are gonna have some problems .

Guy 1: 'Whoa man , look at her ! She looks like an angel'
Guy 2: 'Yeah , thats Aimee . I have been trying to win her over for 2 years now so you better back off . '
by Zizi <33 October 11, 2011
An amazing actress and incredibly beautiful girl who's often too hard on herself. She's incredibly outgoing and fun to be around. Aimee is easy to fall in love with, but doesn't give her own love out that quickly. Anybody would be lucky to even meet her. She's incredible, even if she doesn't think so. She loves Phantom of the Opera and has EVERYTHING on her iPod.
Guy 1 - "Oh my God... I think I love her..."
Guy 2 - "Aimee? You've known her for like... A week."
Guy 1 - "Oh yeah... Fuck!"
by CookieBrett December 22, 2010
The type of girl you meet by chance, and then your life is changed forever. Has gorgeous brown eyes, with hints of gold and darker colors that you feel gaze into your soul when you stare into them. Makes you smile when you're down, also a clinically tested cure for depression. Cuter than a button, while simultaneously being sexier than a child of Hayley Williams and Jonas Armstrong, with all the awesomeness of the child of Chuck Norris and himself. Literally makes everything else seem lackluster in her appearance.

Aimee will change your outlook on life, make you rethink things, and make you happy to just be alive and hers. She's very easy to fall in love with, and you'll need to keep her in your life forever. She makes you forget everyone who came before and know that no one will come after. In short, Aimee is the most amazing person on earth and you'd be lucky to even make her acquaintance.
Aimee's so amazing. I'm in love with her.
by truthteller1282166 October 17, 2011
a beautiful creation,sassy,sexy and unique.the most openminded,thoughtful,couragous girl you will ever meet,even when shes down ,she will put her own troubles aside to flee to a friend in need!shes honest but brutal,witty and entertaining,reliable and generous,the most friendliest and caring person u could want to know!!at night her alter ego comes out and she likes that sense of danger,acts on impulse and will do anything to reach the extreme ,shes popular and alot of people want to be around her,shes also moralistic and will tell you straight,she treats people how she wants to be treated herself.shes independent and strong minded,and likes to have freedom for fun!but if she falls in love with you,be ready for ur life to change while she takes your mind to diferent places
(fun), (freedom), (sexy), (entertaining), (witty), (unique)(insependent), (danger), (aimee)
by aimslittleworld December 23, 2012
The most beautiful and sexy girl that you will ever lay your eyes on. A girl that trips up stairs but can laugh it off, a girl with a heart of gold. She is the sweetest girlfriend that you will ever have. Her heart attracts yours like a magnet to metal. You will fall in love with this girl. A French feminine given name, translated as beloved. She will forever hold the key to your heart.
I'm so lucky to date an Aimee!
by HoldstheKey September 30, 2011
A compelling girl, who loves to be around people, she is intelligent and nice. Aimee will befriend anyone and everyone, she will always stick by you and will smile even in the darkest times. The best friend to have is an Aimee.
Person 1: wow that's a great friend you have!
Person 2: yeah, she is called Aimee
by eXD February 24, 2013
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