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Usado como 'sério?' ou 'não me diga'. Essa palavra é usada quando uma pessoa fala algo que é óbvio ou que você já sabe.
'Se você não crescer você não fica maior' - "ah va"

'Se você não quiser passar frio você tem que se agasalhar' - "ah va"
by Tiago12345 January 06, 2014
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Ahva is the name of the most beautiful girl you will ever see. Dark hair, brown or green eyes and a great personality. Loves sports, mostly track or field and hates to disappoint people. She hates saying no, and that is one of her weaknesses.
Guy 1: "Wow, look at Ahva!"
Guy 2: "Yeah, she lookin' fine!"
by Laxrulesssssss April 11, 2015
The strangest little sack you've ever seen. Drink my cup dammit or else you die
Did you see that Ahva fall off the balcony? it was Ahvasome! i really enjoy that Ahva truck!
by diseasedface March 14, 2010

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