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Average Human
Girl1: He's an HBG
Girl2: Nah, he's and AH
Girl3: You kidding me? more like a SUB.


That's an AH, he's not too bad.

She's an AH why are you so whipped over her?
by ch33tah greeto February 21, 2009
Alzeimher Hansvig, also known as AH, is a powerful stimulant that causes the part of your brain that controls your body to no longer control body movements. The sign that corresponds with AH in pictures is putting your three fingers in a spread out gun.
"I wish I had used less AH last night, i can barely move my arm."
by d0gluver May 19, 2009
as hell, normally used after an adjective... To the same extent for af (as fuck)
Guy 1: Man, today was so long!

Guy 2: Yeah, im tired ah.

Guy 1: We all are.
by SuperCoolSuperHotSuperGirl October 11, 2011
Variation for ASSHOLE to avoid filters in RPGs or MMORPGs
player1: you AH!
player2: what did I do?!
by gamesguru April 15, 2009
1. The sound immigrant Russian parents use in the form of a grunt when expressing frustration. The h is pronounced like in the word "hey."

2. Often used in Russian like an english "what?" by itself.
1. Mother drops a fork on the ground. She says "Ah."
2. Person one: "Olga!!"
Person two: "Ah?"
Person one: "Oh, there you are..."
by Viktoriya April 24, 2006
A more modest replacement for the word, "ass"; used as a substitute for the word. Originated in South Florida.
"I can't believe you did that shit! Yo extra dumb ah!"
by ldt88_07 March 26, 2007
Noun: A word used for a stupid, bitchy, or dirty girl. A girl inferior to other girls.
Travis: Are you bringin your ah to the show tonight?
Brian: Maaaaan I'm not spendin money on that ah
by ThatGuy1255 February 15, 2011