The acceptance that you do not know the answers to certian impossible questions.
dude: What is the unified field theory?
Polythiest: GODS + GODDESSES DID IT!!!
Monotheist: GOD DID IT!!!
Atheist: IT DOESN'T EXIST!!!
Agnostic : I don't know.
by waffle October 03, 2003
Wiser than atheism, more foolish than Deism.
The agnostic claims that there's no way of knowing. There may be no way of knowing for certain but one can use deductive reasoning to test the plausibility of something. Causality (a scientific principle) would argue, for example, that the universe, having a beginning as the big bang reveals, would therefore need an instigator. The fine tuning of this universe (as agreed upon by physicists) would argue that the instigator was intelligent.

However most agnostics are a lot more open minded than atheists. Some however (as one or two definitions here display) exhibit the same intolerance and bigotry of the atheist.

Atheists seemingly dislike agnostics (judging by the down rated definitions here) and seem to not believe that they are real. Some atheists (in a desperate attempt to appear logical to anyone who isn't an atheist) sometimes attempt to class agnosticism as the same thing as atheism but that is garbage.

Atheism is the disbelief in gods.

Agnosticism is the doubt/skepticism of gods but not the downright denial that atheists have.
by Skialian January 11, 2014
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Agnosticism considers matters of belief as matters of knowledge. This is why atheists reject it: while it is true that we can never know for sure God doesn't exist, in the light of our current evidence we have no reason to either believe in His existence or to even consider the possibility of His existence.

You don't seriously consider the possibility of an invisible pink unicorn existing either, right?
by ServantOfProgress November 10, 2004
The only religion/ non-religion where people give up on explaining on (what they consider to be) inexplicable. Essentially, an agnostic will tell you not to study the principles of different religion or the tenets of atheism, because there is no way that that agnostic can be satisfied with a definitive answer.
Person #1: Is that Harold sitting on the fence?
Person #2: He must be an adherent to agnosticism.
by Incredulous January 11, 2008
Agnosticism is to base your philosophy of life on doubt. It is to live your entire life in doubt of everything you see.
Agnosticism is doubt as a philosophy of life is like having immobility as your mode of transportation
by dorff11 May 16, 2009
Atheism without balls.
Guy 1: What do you mean your Athiest? YOU DON'T BELIVE IN GOD???

Guy 2: believe in Agnosticism.

Guy 1: Oh, okay. You're cool in my Book.
by Guy 720 November 03, 2009
Atheism for pussies.
"I don't believe in God, but don't want to be persecuted for being an atheist. I know! I'll practice agnosticism!!
by 'Firestorm' March 10, 2009
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