One of the few modern punk bands that do not suck. They represent the views, lifestyle, and state-of-mind of the modern and the old-school punk. They are great.
John: I LOVE GREEN DAY!!<3 :) 0:)
Me: *stop painting wall* you fucking conformist, listen to Against Me!
by sankas March 17, 2011
The number one argument against band tattoos.
Jack: Hey Jill, that's an interesting tattoo. Don't you know that Against Me have essentially pissed in the face of every fan they used to have by turning their old music into a bunch of fucking lies?
by InterstateEight September 13, 2007
the bane of ones existince. the mere name, or sound of their music will drive you to kill a Nun.
OMG. I just listened to Against Me! please.. kill me before I remember the whole thing.
by Cuddizle May 16, 2011
against me likes jesus. and fucking. and drinking alcoholic beverages while licking whipped cream off of my body. i also happen to be the virgin mary, fucks.
maria: you guys suck. sell outs
against me: yeah..
by maria October 09, 2004
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