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An afterthought is something thought of at the last minute. Afterthoughts are common among video games and movies.

"Did you hear about Halo: Reach?"

"Yeah, it seems like an afterthought"
by Frickin' I don't care June 13, 2009
11 4
An insult used to describe someone of little or no importance; someone so lame and useless they're just considered a mere afterthought. Used by one of the characters in GTA V.
"You're a waste of space on this earth!"

"Fuckin' whatever..."

"Idiot! You depressing afterthought! Why oh why weren't you drowned at birth!?"
by lester square October 02, 2013
3 0
rockin the rock bands of red wing is what afterthought does best
by hughbert himself April 10, 2003
2 22