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A watering can that is used by Iranians fresh off the boat to clean their asses. Usually immigrants that ran from Shah own it or it is in every other Iranian's house for decoration or because of their secret love for the Muslim culture. If our generation uses it, it is probably because we share it with our mom's because they are the love of our lives. Aftabeh is the reason why some Iranians have meaning for life. The unfaithful Muslim women usually buck down, get naked and shove Aftabeh up their vagina because in the Muslim culture, you really should only have sex with your wife. We americans look at this and say "Bitch please" but it is true. Aftabeh is known for its luxurious cleaning of the ass. It keeps it ripe and refreshing and eliminates dryness. It is also a village in Iran which is substantially hilarious causing all of us to piss our pants of laughter and scream like a banshee.
" Baba, I have a question, how do you take a shit."
" Go to the toilet, sit down, push then use Aftabeh."
by APokedex November 26, 2011
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