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nick name for a girl with a cute afro
ricardo: hey victor whats you're girlfriend's name

victor:its shanell dumb ass
ricardo: what about her nick name
victor:its afro thunder
by Popping ChocolateMan July 12, 2009
What you call a cool kid that has an Afro
Jim: Hey did you see Afro Thunder today?
You: No, I think he is sick
by The Ultimate Afro Thunder April 22, 2007
When a male with an extremely large bush greases it up to be a huge afro. Then proceeds to jam his giant afro into a females butthole and yell "AFRO THUNDER!" in a roaring deep voice.
Marni was not expecting to get the Afro thunder in the ass when her dad came home from work.
by DudeDawgMan December 04, 2009