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To become belligerently intoxicated with alcohol. Particularly when your girlfriend is in Africa for over 6 months. This situation occurs because there is no chance to engage in sexual intercourse and there is no girlfriend to prevent him from doing stupid activities. They include but are not limited to: mumbling, drunken wrestling, saying "put your beer down", making stupid bets with people, especially with Jono and gambling with beers on hockey games
As soon as she left for Africa he became Africa Ty.

As soon as he said, "put your beer down", I knew that Africa Ty had arrived.

When I saw him mumbling in the corner, I knew that Africa Ty had arrived.

When Hubbert broke down his door, Africa Ty mumbled, "How will I masturbate now that my door doesn't close."
by Jacobus V.G February 14, 2008
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