It's a show on Cartoon Network that has got to be designed for 12 year old stoners high on Oregano.
"dude im so high right now lets watch adventure time hehahehahheblaaahhhh"
by ThymeSmoker June 27, 2013
A show that is Babyish and is on ABC3, Channel GO! and Cartoon Network. It is designed for12 year olds not 30 year olds
Hey lets watch adventure time! 'No I hate that show!'
by antijamal June 01, 2013
Taking 5 lines of cocaine before doing sexual activitys.
Hey guys I just got back form adventure time with Tom never do that many lines again.
by mycockistobig February 01, 2011
Lathering a person with peanut butter and honey and then telling them to take a shower because they're too sticky to make love to. Then, after they shower, you fuck all night long.
"Hey baby it's about to be adventure time! I'll get the peanut butter and honey, you turn on the shower."
by harleigh robin September 03, 2008

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