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A beautiful and intelligent woman, Andeisha is a deeply feeling woman and wounded romantic, in whom love and pain both run deep. Adneisha is someone you want on your side. If she loves you, she loves you truly and deeply.

Incurably dorky, Adneisha is prone to fits of screaming fangirlism over any number of different characters. Going against one of her ships or characters may earn you a bruised arm, or at the least a few moments of fear as she somehow looms menacingly over you.

She's a proud woman, but also can be very nurturing, even motherly at times. She's empathetic and will cry with you or laugh with you as the occasion requires.

Bright, cheerful, and spunky, she could win over anyone's heart in a matter of minutes. Children are enchanted by her. Men are enthralled with her. When she's blue the sky seems to know when to weep with her.

Scheming and twisted in the best of ways. Loyal and fierce. Starshine Buddha. Queen of the Coconut Monkeys and Oracle to the Monkey King. Founder of the Purple Cult.
1) "This place is so Adneisha that I might explode from awesome."

2) Guy 1: "Dude, I need to go out on a date with a hot girl..."

Guy 2: "You should ask Adneisha, she's smokin'."

Guy 1: "Wow, she's way out of my league, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask."
by luminousweb February 03, 2010