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The practice of augmenting real life photographs and videos with computer-generated advertisements inserted after the images have been captured.
Google is introducing a concept of admented reality by proposing that real life billboards in their street view photos be augmented with virtual advertisements they sell.
by arlingtone January 15, 2010
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A combination of advertising and augmented reality. The concept of adding a virtual layer of advertising to (images or video of) the real world.
Admented reality is an advertising layer - e.g. local shops, restaurants, etc. - to augmented reality mobile browsers such as Layar.
by 4ND3RS January 15, 2010
Augmented reality, only augmented with ads
ad-mented reality in google street view is... well just weird...

Ad-Mented Reality, term coined first by Molly Wood, January 13th, 2009, on Buzz Out Loud Episode 1144
by highac3s January 13, 2010

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