1. One with lips big enough to suck a donkey's schlong.

2. One who falsely believes he has god like characteristics due to a stupid UrbanDictionary.com definition, resulting in a stupid little arrogant smirk further accentuating the DSLs.

3. The person who single handedly keeps blistex in business.
1. Mitch is no longer allowed at the petting zoo because of inappropriate actions with the donkey. What an Adkins!!!

2. Do you see the Adkins at the bar hitting on that blond? Hes all tubby and stupid, he cant even drink because his lips keep getting in the way!

3. Why would anybody need to buy Blistex in bulk? Well maybe if you are an adkins.
by PUBE-X October 22, 2010
Top Definition
A family who is perfect. Adkins is often used to describe god like characteristics.
Everyone wants to be in the Adkins family.
by bryceadkins May 04, 2009
A teeny tiny little area next to San Antonio. It doesn't even have a population sign it's so small.
I live in Adkins.
by crazy unicorn riding hippy April 12, 2011
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