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A totally (to be verified) cool and froody person of noble character and borderline nerdity...a charismatic individual with bags of character, rumoured to be powered by a Pratchett and Adams Unfeasability Engine.

Typically known to be mostly harmless, and presently believed to be at large in a social networking site near you!!!!

This individual should be hugged on sight...

- Approach with EXTREME PREJUDICE - unless equipped with appropriate media, literary or musical influences.
"hey, what does 'froody' mean?"

- "I bet Adeybob would know"

"Dear GHOD, get that THING away from me!"

-"'s only a bit of Adeybobitus ... it'll look perfectly normal when the swelling goes down, dear!!!"
by mindtheorangesmarlon February 06, 2010
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