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Adesa uh-dess-uh is defined as a beautiful, wild, sweet heart. Usually blonde, petite, and lightly freckled. No other compares to this rarity. If you are ever lucky enough to come across an Adesa, cherish & spoil her. They are one of a kind.

Do not expect to cage or tame an Adesa they were born to be wild, and free.

Adesa's are the most sought after type of girl. Known as the "unicorn" of females, because most choose to believe they are a beautiful, unattainable, mythical creature.

In order to attract an Adesa one must be charming, honest, wild, and beautiful in their heart.

Many may try to impersonate, but none will ever equal the true beauty of an authentic Adesa.

"No one can ever compare to her, she's Adesa."

"She's the unicorn of all females, she's an Adesa."

"Man I have never met anyone like her, she was an Adesa."

"Man, don't even try, you never had a chance. That's a true Adesa. Not an imposter."
by Adesasmommi January 04, 2014
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