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Nigerian Uni-sex Name.
Adeola is usually used to describe those who have interesting facial expressions, dresses fashionably, loves shopping, and if used about a male, a pimp. Men love Adeolas.
Rebecca: You see what she's wearing?
Ayesha: Yeah I LOVE it! She's totally Adeola.

Nolan: Did you see that Adeola that girl made?

Joe: That girl is a total Adeola.
by rrpurple October 09, 2010
Nigerian unisex name, meaning Crown of Wealth.
Adeola - Ade Ola
Ade - Crown
Ola - Wealth
by mizzxtra February 06, 2010
The act of being Sexy, Funny, Hilarius, Man beast, Man Child, Amazing,Fast Swimmer, Lovely, A Pro, Hott, Hot, Sexy, Suave, Boss, Homeless, Annoying, Mack, Pimp, Player, Smooth, Butter, Batman,
Bro:1 That girl called me an Adeola!
Bro:2 Damn, she must think youre really smooth

Bro:1 Wow, that guy is such an Adeola in a water
Bro2:2 I know, he beat me by 5 fucking secods

Bro:1 Did yous see that loser in the sweater?
Bro:2 Who Ben?
Bro:1 Yeah, has he ever heard of being cool and acting like Adeola?

Bro:1 Adeola is such a sexy name
Bro:2 I know thankts Bro
by MadeAde321 February 23, 2009
(1) A cool ass mother fucker, full of game, easily obtains pussy,a pussy magnet, don, sex machine, chick magnet, mirror in girls pants,
John: Yo I saw this bitch and I pulled some Adeola moves and she gave me her digits

Phill: Shut the fuck up, youre not an Adeola. Youve gotta have some game to be one.
by The worlds biggest Adeola October 26, 2008