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Adelma is a very smart, pretty girl. She tends to care too much for others. Many tend to take advantage of her beauty, intelligence, and money. Most Adelma's tend to be great soccer players. Ever see her on the field, watch out! She is a beast on the field. Most Adelma's lookk good in red. They know exaclty how to pull off the cutest outfits. Most Adelma's get very attached to snacks, movies, and celebrities. Watch out, she's a sensitive girl. Adelma's deserve to be treated like royalty at all times. She can give you a dirty look when not intended to. She's a keeper. She's the nicest girl in the world. Never mean. Pretty hair. Popular. Deserves all the love in the world.
Person 1: Do you know Adelma?
Person 2: Yes, the beast at soccer!
by Thee Chick December 01, 2011
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