The capital city of South Australia, Australia. Although it is quite a beautiful, clean and well laid out city, it also has its share of problems. It is sometimes criticised by people in other Australian capital cities for being conservative, narrow minded and racist. Indeed recent analysis via the electoral roll (2005) has proven that the ethnic population (asians, europeans etc) is declining and the anglo saxon population is increasing. Also the place where the derogatory term wogans originated, doing nothing to help its racist reputation. People who live in Adelaide tend to like it because it is a city, but at the same time quiet and small and it is not difficult to know what is going on eveywhere. Most people tend to fit into a certain mould and it is more anglo-saxon orientated than Australias largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne. But it is for these same reasons that there is a youth population drain to the other cities of Australia, and in a study completed in 2006 it was found that South Australia's population had the highest average age of any Australian state or territory. Adelaide is also well known Australia wide for its large marijuana and methylamphetamine speed production, and both marijuana and methamphetamine use per capita is very high. Independant reports have even suggested that Adelaides closet marijuana industry generates more revenue for the state than its famous wine industry. In late 2005/2006, investigations by the Northern Territiry government and police into drug abuse in remote northern indigenous communities found that the majority of drugs were smuggled across the border from Adelaide some 3000 kilometers away, backing up similar drug intelligence findings from other Australian states.
eg 1; Im moving to Melbourne.

eg 2; There are too many bogans, rednecks, stoners and meth freaks in Adelaide.
by sexi boi February 07, 2006
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The capital city of South Australia, with a population of approximately 1.15 million people, making it Australia's fifth most populous city. In colonial times, was the only city in Australia to not accept convicts. Has unique geography, as it is surrounded by hills on most sides, but with beach on its west side. Has a mediterranean climate and was recently named one of the top 10 Most Liveable Cities in the world by UK Economist Magazine. Was meticulously designed, and its CBD measures exactly one square mile. Commonly called 'The City of Churches', as holds more churches per capita than any other city. The area around it is a famous wine-growing region. Is a big cultural centre with events such as the Adelaide Festival of Arts, Fringe Festival, Womadelaide, Adelaide Film Festival, Adelaide Festival of Ideas and Come Out Youth Arts Festival. Is the host of the annual Tour Down Under, as well as the home of the Port Adelaide Power and Adelaide Crows AFL football teams. Has three universities; The University of Adelaide, Flinders University, and University of SA. Famous Adelaideans include Sir Andy Thomas (NASA Astronaut), Anthony LaPaglia (actor), Lleyton Hewitt (tennis player), Sir Douglas Mawson (Antarctic Explorer), Sir Donald Bradman (cricketer), Sir Hans Heysen (artist), Rupert Murdoch (media mogul), and such music acts as Guy Sebastian, Jimmy Barnes, John Farnham, the Superjesus, and is home to American-born singer Ben Folds.
Adelaide is not a hole...really!
by Trinkletty October 22, 2005
Adelaide is the best place to live in australia, we get all those faggot victorians here who think they own the place, well maybe they should go back the the hole thay come from.
Adelaide is so awesome
by aussie_babee December 01, 2009
pretty much the best place in the world to live.
adelaide is the capital of south australia, and has a small population. it is very pretty. there r lots of good restaurants, and gorgeous parklands. like other cities, it has its slums (salisbury, elizabeth), but ther r heaps of good suburbs such as burnside, beaumont and leabrook.

it is a very interesting place once u get to know it, it passes at first glance as sleepy and conservative, but districts like Norwood, North Adelaide and Chinatown are fascinating.

to experience adelaide, u sort of need 2 have lived there for a certain while.

hot guys live here
person a: im from adelaide
person b: bor-ring
person a: eastern states fuck
by juL!@ February 28, 2006
A beautiful girl with sad eyes and who walks with elegance. Sentimental and loving, she is loyal and brave, and will never let down her friends. She is creative and finds beauty in everything.
She may be quiet and humble, but she sees through everyone and holds more inside her than meets the eye.
I'll never be able to find another friend like Adelaide.
by Alice Fish February 18, 2011
Yes it is a hole, and yes there are less than desirable suburbs to live in.

But in winter, the grass is green, the sky is gray and the trees are naked, possibly the most beautiful city in Australia and its freaking cold in winter and way too damn hot in summer, but that's what the beach is for. ( Maslin's)

Pretty much central to most parts in Australia ( 3 days drive to QLD, WA, and NT)

* Victorian's do not know how to merge and have the number plate "the place to be" - well if it's so good then why are you here causing traffic pile ups?

Radelaide, has all the mod cons, and is lame to those who do not know it intimately.

I have seen and worked in most states (not taz) and I can honestly say I wouldn't want to be any where else at times. xx
Adelaide is awesome, why:?
by DimmuBurger December 11, 2010
1. a city in Australia

2. a girl,"addies", these girls tend to be very funny and nice, they are awesome and great lovers, capable of greatness an Adelaides are great friends and shouldn't be rejected, or disrespected
1. i have a house in adelaide and its really hot

2. addie is a beast, and she is really smart!!
by riffehunter December 07, 2011
or; RADelaide

A place that can be a hole sometimes but is generally awesome. If you haven't lived here you wouldn't know a thing about it, its the life behind the scenes that rocks out.

Eastern states cun suck shit, Adelaide is awesome. But if you want to succeed in life, don't study here.
If you do you'll probably become a hobo.

Warning: Adelaidians may -
throw rocks at you
shout at/abuse/hurt/discriminate you
try and rape you
try and kill you
try and sell absolute crap to you
hug you
call you a minda
"I'm going to Adelaide tomorrow"
"How long for?"
"A day."
"Too long mate."

"I'm going to Adelaide tomorrow."

"I'm going to Adelaide tomorrow"
"What are you not going to forget?"
"A bus ticket."
"My HIV vaccination, my ugg boots, my footy and my bullet proof vest."

"I'm going to Adelaide tomorrow"
"Oh. *glances away*"

"I'm going to Adelaide tomorrow"
by Maddiemaddiemaddierah April 14, 2008

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