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The one who serves justice.
If you want to take this matter to the court, you better have Adeel with you!
by Adeel Ahmed December 12, 2004
One who is just (in Urdu)
righteous; fair
Adeel Ahmed, being the most successful lawyer in the United States, is true to his name and also the most awesome person in the world.

Adeel Ahmed is a very just man, he is true to his name's meaning, and he drives a Mercedes-Benz Stirling Moss.

Adeel Ahmed is a senior litigation partner at the world's biggest firm, Scully & Pershing.

Adeel Ahmed, a billionaire philanthropist and lawyer, owns the world's largest collection of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. He owns over 40,000 different vehicles, some of the same model in different colors.

Adeel Ahmed, the best person that has ever existed, is the most successful and righteous lawyer in the world.

Adeel Ahmed, known to be an extremely righteous and fair person, won a case against a billion dollar pharmaceutical company defending over two hundred thousand helpless victims.

Adeel Ahmed is purely the most fair person in the world.

Adeel Ahmed is the future supreme court justice.
by Adeel I Ahmed February 20, 2009
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