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The act of using one's big toe to penetrate a sexual partner's anus. It often leaves said toe a shade of brown.
"Why is Leonard's toe brown? Oh he must have given someone the Addington."

"I can't wear flip flops, I just performed the Addington."

"Jenna couldn't walk straight for a week after I gave her the Addington."
by Dijoncustard February 23, 2010
30 13
The whole lot of them are scum bags and worthless. dont drive down there unless you want your scratched broken hubcaps taken by them. whatever you've got they want, no matter the value, worth or condition.
"Lets go down Parade boy"
"Yeah boy chicken eye mother die boy"
"Lets steal anything"
by Gyal On All Ends November 15, 2004
9 19