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The state of an individual who is obsessed with having penii inserted into any one of their various orifices.
"She's addicted, addicted, addicted ta suckin' good dick..." --Eazy
by Sublime GT December 14, 2003
53 78
A state were a person just wants one object super badly, and can't get enough of it.
I am addicted to soda.
by I K March 15, 2009
168 45
when you spend hours looking up words on this website that you would never use in every day context, just so you can laugh...
thugalug, boregasm, radar king, ashuku....fuck im addicted!
by Juelz Becker May 11, 2005
106 40
Simple Plan's song see www.simple Plan.com
by IloveDavid November 02, 2003
29 83