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An infamous and wonderful road in Maycomb, Illinois. It is the biggest party street in the midwest, as it borders Western Illinois University and has the majority of the schools frat houses on it. Everything from 900+ person parties to 12 person beer bong structures have been seen. Consistent parties almost every day of the week, with a special emphasis on thirsty thursday and holiday weekends. Also, while unproven, Adams Street is generally considered to be the biggest market for Keystone Light, a particular brand of light beer, in the entire United States. The general party atmosphere is only aided by the notoriously lax and generally lazy Maycomb police and Western's own Office of Public security. Ranked as one of the best party streets in the country (top three normally) and easily the most fun you can have at college.

Grant: What are we doing tonite?
John: What we do every night...
Grant: Ahhh, adams street
by Tommy__T August 25, 2007
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