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An egotistical, arrogant individual (quite often a pilot) who peddles himself as having a large phallus. They find themselves invincible to accident or casualty and boast an omnipotent knowledge of the universe. You might normally find an Adamlake staring intently into the mirror skillfully admiring their every feature.
Truths about an Adamlake:

Adamlake logs PIC driving to the airport.
Calls out airspeed alive when leaving every stop sign.
Would have ignored the birdstrike and continued his climb
Once shot an ILS while skydiving.
Logs dual given as an FO.
Clears himself to land.
Logs twin turbine in a glider.
Doesn't need coffee, he drinks Jet A.
Can fly into known icing with a credit card and a squirt gun filled with 100LL.
If at first you don't succeed, you're not an Adamlake.
NEVER uses a navigation system, the direction he is heading is always the right direction.
Was the reason we have the Airtard Award.
Can hand crank a jet.
Top Gun is actually a documentary on the life of Adamlake.
Doesn't need a girlfriend because of his amazing stick and rudder skills.
Updates his Facebook status from G1000.
Can pull zero G's in a climb.
Doesn't stall, just hovers.
Consults himself in the mirror.
The squawk code 9999 is reserved for Adamlake.
Has never landed in a crosswind, the wind wouldn't dare cross him.
Is the only person to have landed on runway 37.
When taxiing onto the runway, landing traffic is told to hold short.
Adamlake once moved a stationary front.
Adamlake makes the air in a microburst move up.
Lightning would never strike Adamlake, because it would be a capital offense.
by sexinthunderstormstwo September 04, 2011
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