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1. Jeopardy champion in Switzerland.

2. A total douche bag who knows the answers to everything depending whether he takes four months to memerize the capitals of third world countries or takes four minutes to look over a cheet sheet. Man, what a douche.
1. Suck it trebek! Suck it long! Suck it hard!

2. Teacher, "What is x squared + 6x..."

some kid, "nine."

teacher, " correct, i didnt even have to finish the equation. good job!"

some kid, "yeah, took me 4 2/3 months to memerize that as well as every possible BINGO number sequence." (thinks to self, "more like 2 minutes to look at the answer sheet.")

other kid and friends, "what a total Adam Magnunson!"
by Billy the Piratical Unicorn. March 30, 2009
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