A self proclaimed genius and an actual millionaire
Adam from The Man Show or one of the hosts to LoveLine
by Urban Dictionary December 29, 2004
Top Definition
A self proclaimed genius and literally a millionaire. Pioneer of such games as "Ace's Mexican Ranchero Accordion Countdown" and "Germany or Florida." Aliases include "Ace Rockolla" and "Chief Thunderbear."
Drew please. 8:29, 29 after 8. Chino checking in at 59, Fullerton 59 degrees, North Hollywood....59.
by Philippe February 05, 2005
co-host of the radio show loveline. Extremely funny, loves making fun of the callers, just a great comedic genius. pet peeves including junior college, Riverside, Van Nuys, Bakersfield, ranchero music....
"that's right, engineer Chris, still living with his mom. it's 10 minutes till the top of the hour, weather and traffic coming up. I'm beggin you, please drive through the red arrow!
by vinny April 16, 2005
In 2005, the comedian Adam Carolla began a campaign on Loveline to change "Marco Polo" to "Adam Carolla".
The Adam Corolla Game
person1: Adam
person2: Corolla
person1: Adam
person2: Corolla
person1: Adam
person2: Corolla
by IvIoo September 13, 2005
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