1. The opposite of a dead fuck.

2. Someone who thrusts their hips during sex.
3. Being in physical motion, during the act of sex.
4. Combat-ready copulation
Michelle is an active fuck. She broke the bed last night.
by Harry Stroker August 13, 2011
1. To be active in a sexual manner

2. Vigorously thrusting with no self control. Which can lead to:
screaming, shouting, yelling, and violently shaking of the bed.

3. Sex that would include: licking, sucking, nibbling and grinding.

4. Passionately foundling with hands/mouth or other objects such as dildos, vibrators and in various positions.

5. An extremely physical act which two or more people pleasure each other. Sometimes in a kinky way.

To have sex so hard it makes you scream.
Ken likes an active fuck.
by H. Harry Hardon August 20, 2011

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