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The highest form of cinematic art.

Mostly epic tales of survival, justice, heroism, and revenge, Action Movies are both thrilling and moving at the same time, drawing the viewer into the intense, and often complex, plots by bringing up important moral and spiritual questions, as well as deep emotional experiences though the use of Action.

Many of the great philosophers of the twentieth century and emerging literary and academic minds of the new millenium consider Action Movies to be the most relevant genre of all in terms of relation to the human psyche and, in general terms, the "Human Experience" as a whole.

Action Movies are charectarized by, of course, their intense Action, flawless use of the One Liner, amazing scriptwriting, deepseeded symbolism, and a general fun attitude in spite of their intensity. Also of note is the great charectar development to be found throughout the genre, through which one learns to understand the roughneck and cavalier as well as to sympathize with realistic villians with believable motivations and aspirations.

Some Action Movies of note are:

Predator, Commando, Die Hard, Terminator 2, Rambo, No Holds Barred, Big Trouble in Little China, Escape From New York, The Road Warrior, The Rock, Action Jackson, and many more...
Guns, violence, wit, and stuff blowing up... Man, Action Movies have is all!

Boss: I can't believe you missed that meeting! If you don't have a damn good reason for this, your ass is FIRED!
Employee: They played all the Die Hard movies back to back on TV and I didn't want to tape over the Rocky Marathon.
Boss: Well in that case, I'm giving you a promotion!
by Bythorsbeard February 10, 2005

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