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One who is promiscuous; a sexpest
"Yeah, I know lots of people who have slept with Action Dan"
by jkb March 20, 2005
A guy who will fuck anything with a heartbeat, and has to tell everybody.
"I woke up drunk as a skunk in a strange barnyard. I had one of those morning boners. Then I heard some noise coming from the livestock pens, so I jumped the fence and went all 'Action Dan' on a goat. I don't know why I'm telling you this."
by I wanna drive the Zamboni February 02, 2007
A myspace phenomenon. Commonly found crusing around LA in some pimped out rides with his closest homies. An Action Dan is a rare but rewarding find. Known for their sense of humour and dashing good looks, Action Dan's are never short of mates. However, when they find one they like they are with them for a very long time. Action Dan's are never seen out without DEAD straight hair.
He's fit, hardly an action dan is he though.

by BECKI_[BBZ] [lolz] January 26, 2008
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