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Act like Paul Sataday is a New Zealand spin off of the American show Saturday night live. Act like Paul Sataday however does not have structured sketchs in place like Saturday night live does, it merely has a bunch of people in a room taking cheap shots of anyone near by with the name paul were they try act like them in a sarcastic manner. Act like Paul Sataday debuted to New Zealand audiences on Tv3 earlier this year, it recieved critical success in which it scored a nine out of ten in the Tv guide. It came as a surprise to many that it had more viewers than the other most viewed show in New Zealand "Outragous Fortune". With the new show having been such a success there a rumours circulating of a new spinn off called Act like Aaron August which is set to start shooting late 2010 and is set to air in August 2011. Act like Aaron August will be all through August as opposed

Act like Paul Sataday which is only on saturday.
** Example of a sketch on Act like Paul Sataday **

Boff- Im Paul and my cars Fucked without papers.

Aaron- Im Paul and I have crabs

Brian- Ill fuckn smash you if you do that again
Aaron- Im a minge
Boff- I Have facial herpes
by Roberto Fury September 08, 2010
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