the stupideth idiot in the whole wide world par none.
Damn, Aco!
by Ur master June 03, 2003
Top Definition
To refer to someone as the lowest of the low. The scrapings at the bottom of the barrel. A boiled sweet down the back of life's sofa. I pimple on the face of humanity. Someone who would scam you to the extreme and be proud of it.
when in a conversation with someone who has the morals of a dead cat, you can end your conversation by saying "Your so Aco".
by Rudebwoi February 10, 2008
The equivalent of "Alex' From Alexander in the Serbian language.
Hey Aco, how was work?
by sarah2525252525 January 18, 2007
is fat with large boobs like a woman, but is a man

also is a sad act who sits on the xbox all day long swearing and starting fights with random american idiots
aco: you absolute f***ing tw*t

omg have u seen the size of him? hes almost as big as aco
by jack ryan laa March 22, 2008
Bread Man
Aco is the Bread Man.

The Bread Man is Aco.
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