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A He-She that has very large eyeballs. It were usually Suspenders or a Refferie shirt. Acid-Man usually preys on Twelve to Thirteen year old girls and "Diss's" young boy's around the same age to protect it's prey for later. An Acid-Man will usually gel up its hair like Pualy D and works for Bar/Batmitsvah companies.
Bill: That He-She over there wearing suspendors is flirting with those 12 year old girls. He has gelled hair big eyes and just totally dissed me whats that called Eric?

Eric: An Acid-Man
by King Casket April 18, 2011
A character inhabiting every hippie town. You will see him often wearing belly shirts, tripping out in vintage clothing stores, and conjuring bottles of beers out of air.
He takes a leave of absence in the winter to visit his mother, who resides in a nearby city.
Acid man is a sorcerer, and is going to take over the world
by Ella'sgettinga5 March 07, 2010