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The steady decline of muscular function, speech, provocative thought, etc. due to the regular use of L.S.D. This is mostly attributed to the holes that are eaten into your brain tissue by the constant bombardment of dangerous chemicals.
Dalton: Hey Dwayne, you wanna go shoot some hoops?

Dwayne: I can't lift a basketball, man. I'm gonna go trip on acid, wanna come?

Dalton: Sure.

Peter: Remember Jimbo? He used to be in advanced classes when he was in 8th grade, what ever happened to him?

Laverne: Poor kid got Acid Rot. I guess all he does now is sit at home and watch reruns of Pokemon.

Peter: That's sad, I wonder if he can get me any acid?

Scott: Please think for me, I can't bare to. I'll just lie here for a while. Wet myself, wet my bed.

Mary: I heard you're looking for me, I brought you your last cigarette too!

Scott: Water cleanses you know.
#acid #rot #acid rot #drugs #crack #heroin #mushrooms #acid head
by joejoebuffalo June 16, 2009
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