A puppet character by ventriloquist and lowest common denominator Jeff Dunham. The character is, a skeleton in middle eastern clothing. like most of Dunham's characters, "Achmed" is a broad strokes stereotype. Allowing Dunham to pick low hanging comedic fruit, and milk the pocketbooks of Midwestern racists.
"Okay, now that I've exhausted all the Mexican and "my wife is a fat whore," jokes. Lets get ready to get inflammatory by welcoming to the stage "Achmed the Dead Terrorist."
by CCRaZ July 08, 2012
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funny dead terrorist who makes fun of muslims, jews, terrorists and anything else to do with the middle east
Achmed the dead terrorist: I KILL YOU!!!
by Nss191489 June 10, 2008
A funny show on YouTube and some American TV channel created by Jeff Dunham]
"Hey, watch this video."
"What is it?"
"It's Achmed the dead terrorist."
"Oh I've seen that, dude. It's so fuckny]!"
by Kamikaze Watermelon January 11, 2009

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