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A female who appears as if she's yearing for some intense sexual activity.

Similar to hurting for a squirting but used if your sexual desires are much more aggressive towards the female in question.
See that bird over there in those high socks and short skirt...she's aching for a quaking!
by SoloKong November 22, 2010
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Genious phrase invented by Zuzu the great of Leeds.When someone is just asking to be beaten either physically or in any sport or game that person can be referred to as being aching for a quaking. Its the same as hurtin for a squirtin but without the sexual reference and more physical and mental harm.
"Pipe down Adam...... seems to me like your just aching for a quaking"

"Shut Up Craig otherwise you'll be aching for a quaking soon.2
by float like a butterfly March 13, 2013
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