The life of the party. A guy that never gives up when it comes to a challenge that involves sex, money, drinking, and partying. He also is a DJ, with a sizable stick between his legs
Dude that Achal is so awesome. We need to hang out with him.
by DJkarmaman October 11, 2011
Top Definition
The sexiest, hottest, most kind and wonderful man who pwns everyone. The name is also used as an adjective for someone who is better than everyone and has a HUGE thingy.
Ohh, I wish I was Achal...
by yaa_im_amazing April 10, 2010
1) A guy who defines his life by karma. He thinks Karma will get everyone.
2) A virgin for life
3) the chief of the karma police
1. Dude, Achal is never going to get laid.
2. All Achal ever says is "Karma is gonna get you."

by Yash Bhatt April 16, 2007
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