takin the place of Tripp, the ex-Dope, riff dealer, aka Mr. Bones, joins Murderdolls, really hott!!!
really cool and kix ass too!
by gothicmurderdolls August 21, 2003
Top Definition
Look up sexy in the dictionary and you should see a picture of Mr. Slade
Acey Slade is a sexy man.
by joanne from experiencemetal.com November 13, 2004
Talented, mesmerizing person that is very committed to whatever he endeavors.
Are you an Acey Slade?
by Becky August 12, 2004
a very sexy and talented male specimen that is good for the raping.he has graced many band line ups and is locked in my dungeon for my play time
mr bones and dope man ..big bone daddy pumpkin king of halloween town skellington in the bone
by lisa lou lou monster October 28, 2003
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