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With roughly 700 students (when it should be around 500 or less), Academy of American studies is one of the smallest high schools in Queens, New York City. It is a small building meant for a small body of students but now shares another building with Newcomers High school. While it was once a top history high-school, after the retirement and departure of Miss Ellen Sherman, the school headed on a downward slope toward failure. The new principal William Bassell, former principal of Long Island City High school assigned mandatory trips to the opera as well as cutting back on Seniors ability to go out to eat for lunch. This history school has many respectable and intelligent English/History teachers that are balanced off by the horrid Science/Math teachers (aside from Mr.Deng). Rumors and gossip easily spreads around the entire school as it is a small student body and it is often tradition to "boo" down all incoming freshman during the first day of school every year. Due to Bassell over accepting students every year, students have been forced into double (once single) lunch periods cramping seniors with freshman and forcing auditorium gym classes due to the regular gym being full with another class.
Freshman: "wow i got into academy of american studies, i feel excited since it was a selective school!"
Academy Senior: "Don't fall for the bullshit. They were once good but they now suck. Average people, shit-talkers and nice people. Drama gets around real fast and even teachers will know. Be prepared to fight for lunch seats, gym lockers, walk through stuffed hallways, auditorium gym periods because of the over acceptance of students in a small school meant to fit much much less. Also the new principal sux"
by ExAcademySenior February 27, 2014
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