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A gay ass school where everyone worships the overlord Seji. The best class to have is Math where the teacher isn't there half the time so the only thing you do is smoke pot and play pokemon in the room for an hour and a half. Every Friday there is a sacrifice to the overlord Seji where someone has be slow roasted in a fire for twenty four hours, three minutes, and two seconds.
Are u going to go to westhill now instead of the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering?
Nope im being sacrificed to Seji this week.
by ^.^ rawr December 14, 2012
a nerdy school in stamford Connecticut. Moslty white people from stamford, greenwich, and norwack. The kids either smoke pot, are NERDS, or skaters. There is a lot of girl drama and most of the girls are hoes or nerds. There are only for classes a day. All of the students are full of themselves. The cliques arent that noticable but once you know everyone they are. A lot of losers also play music. EVERYONE has stayed after school at least twenty times in a year. All of the kids live downtown at the mall and try to throw parties but they are all wack,
That kid is a nerd.
He goes to the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering

Explains it
by fuckapussy January 27, 2011

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