Just like saying "Absolutely, Positively" but when you want to be weird and be like Hannah Montana, Disney Channel]'s brat pop princess.

Pr: Ab-so-tiv-ly (ee sound) Pos-e-lute-ly
Girl 1: You wanna go clubbing?

Girl 2: Absotively Posilutely!
by softball_queen January 03, 2008
Top Definition
A term coined in the 1988 Disney film " Oliver and Co." For those cats that are just too cool for school and have mad amounts of street saviore faire.
Dodger: And once you got the beat,
you can do anything.

Oliver: I can?

Dodger: Absotively Posilutely!
by Ibangedthepinkranger January 17, 2010
A confirmation, made whimsical from swapping word-endings... The usage goes back at least as far as "Dirty Duck", a comic strip (graphic novel) written by Bobby London in the 1970's, including the tag line: "Posilutely, Weevil!" "Absotively, Mr. Duck!".

This, in turn, refers back to the theme song by the Gallagher and Shean vaudeville act (big in the 1922 Zigfield Follies), each stanza ending in a punchline, and followed by Shean's query, "Absolutely, Mister Gallagher?" and Gallagher's reply, "Positively, Mister Shean!"
Blunting the offense of doubting someone: "You'll be on time, then? Absotively?", "Oh, posilutely!" (Absotively Posilutely)
by DocRob11 July 10, 2010
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